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I love essential oils. There is no better base that truly seeps deep into your skin (all the way to your dermis) and nourishes it from within - trust me I’ve tried. And for all those who feel oils may lead to breakouts, let me tell you: I have sensitive and oily skin and using the right oils have actually aided me with oil control.

For instance, Bakuchiol and Hemp seed oil. These are two miracle oils that have been trending high. I was slightly sceptical about trying them, but the more I read about them, the more was I convinced.

Bakuchiol is derived from the Indian ‘babchi’ plant also known as ‘bakuchi’ in Sanskrit. Used vigorously in Ayurvedic skincare and Tamil Siddha practises, it is reputed to be a natural alternative for retinol. It has healing properties and is extremely good for soothing sensitive skin (yay!).

Hemp seed oil, as most of you know, comes from a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant. While medically used to reduce joint pains and maintain a healthy heart, a few know about its skincare qualities. Another aid in reducing signs of ageing, Hemp oil has fabulous anti-acne properties.

So, I’m going to try using a combination of both everyday for a week and see if they're worth the hype. I bought Qurez Bakuchiol Facial Oil that is formulated with Hemp seed oil and turmeric, amongst other natural ingredients.

7 Days Of Bakuchiol & Hemp Seed Oil


It’s the end of January. The weather’s changing and along with it the needs of my skin. It’s a little parched after shower and desperately needs some TLC. The Qurez Facial Oil is easy to use - just use 3-4 drops and massage till it seeps in completely (I’d suggest 3 drops, it spreads very well).

Verdict: Pretty good! My skin stayed hydrated and soft to touch all day. I didn’t have to use any makeup nor a skincare product till bed-time. The oil has a strong Ayurvedic scent, but it fizzles out after about 15 minutes.


I woke up to softer skin than yesterday (when it was a little stretchy and thirsty). I used the oil again after ahower. I’m quite excited about the anti-acne properties, as my skin starts breaking out around this time on my menstrual cycle. Let’s see if the oil will help me skip acne this month.

Verdict: Same as Day 1. No signs of breakouts and skin was hydrated all day. One thing I noticed today was that after about 2 hours of application, my skin started to look slightly mattish - which never happens with any other oil. Amazing!


I started my day as usual. But post work hours, I stepped out for some coffee. I washed my face, used the Bakuchiol oil as a primer. I don’t put on too much makeup anyway, so I layered the oil with a basic BB cream, some kajal and lip color.

Verdict: I must say, using the oil as a primer was a big win. Even without a highlighter, I achieved a simple sheen and the BB cream stayed on for much longer than usual (till late night). Best part: no acne breakout post makeup as well!


I had little sleep last night, and I woke up with mild dark circles. Also, aunty flo decided to show up. But interestingly, I still don’t have any acne! I used the oil as per usual in the morning, but my skin started feeling a little dry post work. So, instead of putting up the same amount of oil, I added a drop of oil to a wet cotton pad and dabbed it on my face.

Verdict: By the time I went to bed, my skin was softer than even the day before. I think using a little bit of oil in the evenings works really well. I’m still sceptical about using the same amount of oil as I use in the mornings.


It’s official, the anti-acneic properties of the oil works. I did not get acne during my PMS or on the first day of my period.I woke to firmer, softer skin that feels a lot more nourished than last week. I used the oil twice over the day and when I stepped out in the evening, I didn’t need the BB cream at all.

Verdict: I can see a distinct shine - a non-oily, ‘nourished glow’ kind of shine. Even after my shower, my skin didn’t feel too dry. I’m extremely impressed by the oil. The strong scent of the oil isn’t even remotely bothering me anymore.


It’s Saturday, and I have plans to go for a long jog in the evening. I use the oil as per usual in the morning, but didn’t re-apply it before stepping out. It was still sunny, so I used a light layer of sunscreen instead. I came back, showered and used the wet cotton pad to dab some oil before bed.

Verdict: I sweated slightly more than usual on my face. I do not know if it was due to the oil, or just because it was a hot day. But no breakouts even now. I was afraid that under the sun, the oil might react differently on my skin, but i’m still soft and spotless.


I haven’t used any other skincare product on my skin all week, and while I’m amazed with the lack of acne, quite a few blackheads still showed up over the last few days. I’m using a scrub and a hydrating mask today before my shower. And then, I’m going out for brunch with red lips and dark kohl: my skin looks fabulous!

Final Verdict: The oils are great. Period. Bakuchiol’s most startling property of firming and toning the skin stands true. While Hemp seed oil astonished me by its anti-acneic properties. Both were very gentle to my sensitive skin as well.

Although, it’s not a combo that will solve all the problems. I still need to address my blackheads, scrub out dead skin and nourish with a hydrating mask. But I’m definitely going to keep using these oils daily.

Beauty Book is signing off on a good note. We give this interesting combination of ingredients a THUMBS UP!