So today we have to share our pics how we will actually look on valentines' day.

I have used these below products to create my look.

 this is my all time favourite moisturizer and I can't live without this one. I am not a sunscreen usually  though it is important to use it. So I end up using moisturizer only and the great thing about this mosturizer, is that that it have spf. This bottle is already going to finish have to buy another one?

 Then I have used this primer prior to Foundation I have applied this Primer wherever I have big pores and I left my skin for 5 minutes. And then  I applied my Foundation.

 this is my all time favourite Foundation that I used mostly this is also Finishing on its peak so have to buy this and the good part is that now this Foundation comes with a pump So not to worry for the mess more.

then I have used this concealer In The Shade caramel and brand name Maybelline. This one is a great match for my skintone plus it hides every sort of scars marks and dark circles also.

 Then I have used This lipstick from sugar brand.I have also applied it on my cheeks with the help of finger to give a glowing more like natural look.

 why Hilightning. I have used This Snobby colour from this Revolution makeup palette because I don't have a highlighter.

 for eyebrows I have used this pencil. In the brand ME-ON in Shade 01 black.

 this is the eyeliner  That I have used. Normally I do not like winged eyeliners. I mostly like  applying eyeliners without any wing. 

 thats it for the products that I have used in this below pic. Actually I was doing my household work with my mother today like washing the blankets and the other winter clothes?. Hopefully this matter of mine could be understood by any of the beauty out there whoseover is reading it who is helping her mother in household chores and the married ladies as well?So I was not having much time for the photoshoot. I mean for the proper photoshoot. So I end up taking this picture of mine and it was captured by my mother she is not good photographer?the two of the pics that She took work blurred. So this was the only pic that I liked from those three. And it was difficult for her to take the pic of my self from nearby and  yeah She was getting angry on me that why I was getting ready? Like this and going no-where. So thats I could only do To represent myself that how I will Get ready on valentines day☺❤ 

 hopefully everybody would love and appreciate my efforts that i got ready also and went no wherr and got scolded by mother as well?? 

@Nykaa Army


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