NYKAA has come up with Nykaa Potion Oils and the best part is that everybody of us could get one according to our skin problem or skin concern?

1.Anti-Acne Facial oil


As it is clearly mentioned each and every thing that what is used to make this oil so it is best for people have Acne scars problem. Normally Oily skin people have this problem. 

2.Anti-ageing Facial oil

this one is good for aged skin . Like for our moms. One can gift this to her and she wilk be overjoyed after seeing the results for sure. It will help in retaining the elasticity in the skin. 

3.Glow-boosting Facial oil

this one is great for getting glow on skin and making skin glass like.

Rosehip is the main ingredient in it which is the bestt ingredient for getting glow and glass like skin.

these are the ingredients used in this potion oil.

4.Anti-pigmentation Oil-

this oil is good for skin which gets tanned easily under skin. 

As we know that Papaya and Lemon our the best key ingredients for tanned skin. Wheather we are making DIYS in our homes atleast one of them is always the king or main ingredient in it.

5.Dull & Dry skin facial oil-

this one is good for dry skin specially. The skin which lacks moisture and is flaky and dehydrated.

So i am covering some of the main points about these potion oils that why you should buy it.

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • 100% natural botanical extracts
  • SLS and Paraben free?
  • No added perfume✔
  • Light weight?
  • Keeping skin's vital hydration locked in?​​​​​​​

I hope i have covered each and every important aspect that why you should give it a try☺

@Nykaa Army

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